Touroparc offers visitors to attend events, snacks for the animals throughout the day. These events are an opportunity for our team to allow you to share a special moment with an animal species, to educate yourself about the nature and entertainment. Time of fifteen minutes, come see giraffes enjoy bamboo leaves or meerkats hunt crickets!
The opportunity is often present in Touroparc: you stop, look at the animals and ask that our trainers will tell you many stories. Small moments of happiness … Privileged among visitors, animals and trainers meetings …
Not to be missed!

panneau anim Juill-aout 2013

medical training
The methods of capture and restraint, traditionally used to carry out a medical examination, have many negative aspects. The risk of injury to the animal or trainers are high, the stress on the animals is important. In addition, these
methods involve a strong mobilization human, material and technique.

The medical training aims accept the animal without fear exams and routine care (blood tests, ultrasound, oral examination, administration of eye drops, dressing, etc..) To. This daily exercise is based on cooperation and positive reinforcement: reward (food or stroke) is given each time the animal responds to a request properly. This progressive technique is based as much on the complicity between the trainer and the animal on the greed of the latter! Why not attend a medical training in the elephant house or in the seal pool?

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