Aware of the need for action to save endangered species and their ecosystems, TOUROPARC has made biodiversity conservation a priority. Great work has been done in the park: a new house to accommodate five giraffes in Central Africa in 2007, an enclosure over 1600m ² with a large waterhole for swimming Asian elephants in 2008 and a new 1680 meters ² « South America » ​​space for tapirs, rheas, maras, capybaras and alpaca in 2010. Finally, the vivarium opened in 2011 presents a unique collection of venomous snakes in France, these animals are often criticized as poorly known and threatened.

This bias to contribute to biodiversity conservation is also reflected in this animal collection TOUROPARC. The property, focusing more and more welcome threatened species in the wild (ex situ conservation), launched its endowment « TOUROPARC CONSERVATION » in 2010. Its purpose is to participate, support and initiate programs on conservation (in situ conservation) field.


Zoos now have tools to help management and breeding of endangered species. To act for their protection, European zoos have joined in 1985 creating a European Breeding Programme (EPP) designed to manage and optimize the reproduction of these species internationally. The main objective of the EPP is to allow institutions involved in ex-situ conservation of an endangered species to coordinate to avoid any inbreeding during trade in animals and thus maintain long-term genetic diversity. Each EPP is managed by a scientific committee and is represented by a coordinator. TOUROPARC participates in EPP 14 and 7 (ESB preliminary program for the creation of an EPP).


Zoos are now actively investing in the conservation of nature. Act in situ, preserve and maintain the species in their natural environment in a sustainable manner by participating in and supporting conservation projects and awareness on the field. Actions in the countries of origin of the animals are varied: creation of parks and reserves, the fight against poaching and trade in endangered species, support and advocacy to local human communities, etc …

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