Touroparc Conservation: an endowment

An endowment fund was created in 2010 « Touroparc Conservation » aimed at financing actions of preservation of animal species in their natural environment. Of the project are already in place for Makis Cattas of Madagascar, elephants and giraffes in Zambia, gibbons in Indonesia and land tapirs in Brazil. Touroparc.zoo member of EAZA, the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums, also supports the campaign for the Asian Southeast animals. Financial and technical assistance is provided to the holders of such in-situ projects Touroparc Conservation organizations.
This endowment lives through:
– Donations from Touroparc.zoo (30% of the tariff for VIP and Passion Trainer formulas)
– By donations from the public who wishes to support these actions for animals.

Touroparc Conservation supports:

Kalaweit mission saving the gibbons and their habitat in Indonesia. Today it is the largest project to save the gibbons in the world. Indonesia’s forests are being undermined by the extraction of exotic woods and especially by the production of palm oil.
In 1998, a young French, Chania, creates Kalaweit association in order to help the gibbons and the preservation of the Indonesian forest.
Sensitized teams Kalaweit Touroparc CONSERVATION joined the great chain of solidarity and symbolically bought a hectare of forest by making a special donation to the association of € 1,150.

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Association formed for 10 years, Reniala is a natural reserve for flora and fauna on the island of Madagascar. The last project of its founder, Maurice Adiba is the protection and reintroduction, when the situation permits, ring-tailed lemurs is in a dedicated space. Captured at a young age, the ring-tailed lemurs are often mistreated thereafter. The goal of Reniala is to educate tourists, the local population and create jobs.

Activities Reniala is currently developing four areas:
o Public awareness and environmental education
o Conservation of species
o Research
o Beekeeping and culture of Vanilla

In 2011, conservation Touroparc signed a partnership agreement for three years to provide financial support to the association (€ 3,000), but also technical expertise through the skills of employees of the park. Finally, Touroparc Conservation funded the purchase of equipment (chip and reader) to trace and track animals (500 €).

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Born in late 2003 to protect the Lumabe National Park, this project covers one of the last wild and woody South African whose wildlife is extraordinary savannas. Although declared a natural park in 1938, the enclave has been neglected and is the only natural corridor between North and South Luangwa National Park. Different parts of the park have seen their economic activities grow and villagers were informed of the importance of biodiversity conservation. The lives of men and animals were able to be improved.

Project Objectives:

  • Remarkable reduction of poaching within the park
  • Park management: infrastructure operation and number of species
  • Increased income of local people and their direct involvement in the project
  • Gain knowledge on the ecological aspects of the park
  • Educating local people by improving their understanding and knowledge of sustainable use of the national park
  • Reintroduction of extinct species controlled
  • Increase controlled Tourism
  • Cooperation with FZG / North Luangwa NP





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